Personalized training sessions designed specifically for your crew or staff members.
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Private Crew and Staff Training & Yacht and Estate Management
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On Deck…

At last, it’s arrived! A private training company for yachts and estates that genuinely customizes comprehensive service plans according to the owner’s specific requirements!

On Deck is a niche company that was established to fully support yacht and estate owners by designing and implementing flexible training and service plans.  It’s simple… just build your own personalized package – whether you need general management, crew/staff placement and training, inventory and soft goods assistance, or a general one-time review on ways to enhance your program and its performance.

 Each yacht, estate, and program are unique, and On Deck recognizes the importance of customization and à la carte options. Some owners require targeted solutions for specific issues, while others seek assistance in structuring programs to gain a deeper understanding of operational and financial aspects related to ownership and chartering. An impartial second opinion, whether for performance evaluation, refurbishment, or budgeting, can significantly enhance your ownership experience. All our programs provide transparent budgeting, costs, and clarity.

Share with us your objectives, and then enjoy the rewards of a remarkable and authentic experience.

Who’s On Deck

Drawing upon Lisa Gould’s extensive yachting experience spanning over two decades, On Deck is dedicated to overseeing your vessel/estate, optimizing operations, and enhancing efficiency. On Deck will go above and beyond to elevate your crew to best-in-class standards and deliver world-class service to all your needs.

More About Lisa

Lisa’s extensive experience in management and hospitality comes from the various roles she’s held over the course of her yachting career. With experience captaining vessels as well as managing interior and deck crews, Lisa looks forward to using her industry expertise and the skills she’s acquired throughout her decades-long career to help you succeed whether you’re a seasoned yacht/estate owner or embarking on a new business venture navigating uncharted waters.

Over the years, Lisa has weathered her share of storms and successfully navigated emergency situations on and off vessels that put her knowledge, experience, and leadership to the test. In each situation, Lisa and her crew/staff came out on top–and better for it. Those experiences had a profound impact on Lisa, and it’s no coincidence that she felt empowered to forge a path toward helping others navigate these waters and transform their vessels, crews, and businesses to create world-class experiences for all her clients.

A true leader, Lisa’s passion lies in helping others grow and thrive in their careers and business pursuits. She doesn’t consider herself successful unless her clients are successful. With an astonishing attention to detail and an impressive aptitude for problem solving, you’ll quickly find Lisa’s ability to strategically create structure and streamline processes is precisely what sets On Deck apart from other training and management agencies in the industry.

If you’re looking for a private crew/staff training and management company led by someone who is strategic, innovative, and enjoys a good challenge, reach out to Lisa. It’s all smooth sailing from here.


On Deck serves as your all-in-one solution for crew training, development, management, and operational streamlining.

With decades of yachting and management experience under our belt, you can rely on us to assist in launching your new program or enhancing the efficiency of your existing one We’re more than just here to earn a paycheck – assisting people is ingrained in our lifestyle, and we’re fully committed to ensuring your success…

Whether you’re embarking on a new yacht program or refining your estate, On Deck stands as your ultimate partner. With our team at your side, success in the yachting industry becomes virtually assured. Our tailored programs are designed to deliver immediate results and are customized to align with your goals.

The Advanced Development Program

On Deck Yachting will bring the classroom to the high seas or high up in the mountains. This is where learning meets luxury on your very own vessel and estate.

With the Advanced Development Program, we will learn your staffs’ strengths and raise the bar on their weaknesses. It’s personal coaching for your staff, but with a nautical twist! We will evaluate their talents then take them to a whole new level, identifying their strengths and matching them perfectly to your needs.

On-Demand Yacht & Estate Improvement & Management

If you seek a tailored, customizable experience that will elevate the performance of your vessel and estate teams to unprecedented levels, this is the destination where you’ll want to moor your anchor.

Boot or Reboot Program: Building Your Business From Start to Finish

Is your current program falling short of expectations, or do you require a program tailored specifically for you? If so, this is the package you should explore. We have the capability to develop an entirely new program from the ground up for clients who are just starting out, or we can overhaul your existing program and craft a brand new one.

​“It’s not what makes one person happy, it’s what makes the entire ensemble happy”

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question and you don't see the answer here, please contact us. We're here for you!

Why Chose On Deck Yachting?

On Deck is about personal care and deliverance. Our company places great emphasis on communication and tailoring solutions to meet each owner's unique requirements. We listen attentively and genuinely care about your needs.

How can I get incontact with someone at On Deck Yachting?

Feel free to email us at info@ondeck-yachting.com

What is the Advanced Development & Placement Program?

This program is tailored for existing programs in need of improvement. On Deck will reassess the current program and collaborate with our clients to determine desired changes. For further details, please visit our Programs tab labeled "Advance Development" for a more comprehensive explanation.

What is The On-Demand Yacht & Estate Improvement and Management Program?

This is the a la carte segment of our packages. This package allows you to customize your own program according to your preferences. You can select options from our list or include additional preferences that you don't see listed. For further details, please visit our Programs tab labeled "On-Demand" for a more comprehensive explanation.

What is the Boot and Reboot Program?

Is your current program falling short of expectations, or do you require a program tailored specifically for you? If so, this is the package you should explore. We have the capability to develop an entirely new program from the ground up for clients who are just starting out, or we can overhaul your existing program and craft a brand new one. For further details, please visit our Programs tab labeled "Boot & Reboot" for a more comprehensive explanation.

How much does it cost for each of these programs?

On Deck doesn't employ a one-size-fits-all approach. Everything we do is customized to align with your individual preferences, ensuring the success of your program. Feel free to reach out to us directly, and we'll tailor a personalized quote for you.

What information does On Deck need from their clients to start the process?

Simply provide us with your first and last name, email address, and phone number. That's all we need!

What is the cost for a consultation?

Nothing! On Deck offers free consultations.

What are the hours of operation for On Deck?

Monday to Sunday 8am to 5pm. On Deck will be closed on all Major Holidays.

Where is On Deck based?

While our headquarters are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we provide services nationwide.

What is the typical response time for emails or phone calls?

On Deck guarantees a response within 48 hours. If, by rare chance, you haven't heard from us within this timeframe, please don't hesitate to reach out again. We pride ourselves on our prompt response times. For the quickest assistance, feel free to email us at info@ondeck-yachting.com.

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Based out of Fort Lauderdale and West Palm


Lisa Gould:
EMAIL: info@ondeck-yachting.com